Accounting services

Salaries, Personnel, Social influence

    Calculation of salaries and other taxable payments
  • Calculation of salaries for workers, directors, founders and owners – net, gross, taxes and contributions, suspension from net salaries through realization of administrative and/or court injunctions
  • Calculation of all payroll remunerations (sick-leave up to 30 days, over 30 days, maternity leave etc.), delivering those calculations to the Institute for Social Insurance
  • Calculation of all other personal earnings of employees (recourses, (hot) meals, travel expenses);
  • Remuneration calculation according to temporary service contracts, temporary and occasional businesses and similar;
  • Calculation of rentals, capital gains;
  • Keeping analytical books of salaries;
  • Keeping records on all calculations and payments, in order to make M-4 and PPP forms.

Remark: In every calculation is considered to make appropriate tax returns and deliver them to the Tax Administration.

Personnel – Social insurance
  • Registration and cancellation of workers, directors, founders and owners, in Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance – forms M-1 and M-1/SP,
  • Registration and cancellation of workers, directors, founders and owners in the Institute for Health Insurance – forms M and M-1;
  • Worker need applications and registration of workers in the National Employment Service – form E-1 and E-3;
  • Making decrees on annual leaves, leaves of workers, etc;
  • Making various employment certificates, income and similar,
  • Enrolment of the entrepreneurs' salaries into the analytical record of the Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance,
  • Enrolment of the employments working drawing in the enterprises – making M-4 form,
  • Fulfilling new and verification of already existing health insurance cards.