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Recognizing your needs, as our esteemed client, we are pleased to offer you the accounting services according to highly professional standards, along with at most confidence.


Bonus Sistem d.o.o.
image “Bonus Sistem” d.o.o. is an agency

which deals with book keeping, by providing professional services in the field of financial – legal business in your enterprise, since its establishment, during its entire business existence.

Teamwork and good communications are our priorities and the secret of accurate bookkeeping.

Bonus Sistem d.o.o.

Bookkeeping Services
  • Keeping business books: journal, general ledger and auxiliary books
  • Keeping analytical books: buyers, suppliers, fixed capital, commodity, production, material, finished products,
  • Making calculations of retail and wholesale prices, keeping books of entries for returns and services,
  • Keeping VAT records, VAT calculations, making VAT income tax return,

  • These are some of the services Bonus system d.o.o offers.