Legal services

Founding the enterprises and shops

  • Overall consulting during the whole procedure: selection of legal form; activity and name; VAT; fiscal cash register; about employment and liabilities.
  • Founding act for enterprises, creation and verification at the court,
  • Obtaining solutions of the Business Registers Agency (with TIN),
  • Making a seal,
  • Opening the current account in commercial bank,
  • Registration of starting business in the Labour Inspectorate.

  • Remarks:

    After completing the registration, you fiscalization the fiscal cash register if you rank among those who must have it, and we offer you the accountancy services – keeping business books which start with delivering the income tax return to the Tax Administration, eventually recording VAT, workers registration.

    Registration of changes in economic enterprises
  • Change of business name, location, legal form, predominant activity, duration, capital (increase, decrease, payment, entry or sale) and members,
  • Change of data about persons who have responsibility toward the enterprise: director, president of Administrative Board, representative, procurator,
  • Change of data about a branch: registration and cancellation of the branch and data about the branch,
  • Change of contacts: telephone, fax, e-mail address, internet page address (web-site).

  • Registration of changes at entrepreneur
  • Registration of starting the business activity,
  • Change of personal data about the entrepreneur, partners or manager (name, surname, unique identification number, passport number for foreigners),
  • Change of data about partners who resign and/or adjoin,
  • Change of name, activity as a part of business name, business location, predominant activity, abbreviated business name, car plates if the entrepreneur deals with taxi-driving,
  • Enrolment or change of the manager (headman) and/or partner authorized for representation,
  • Enrolment or change of offices out of business location (separated rooms)
  • Enrolment of starting or ending temporary termination of activities,
  • Change of period on which the entrepreneur is registered,
  • Enrolment or change of TIN, current account, contacts,
  • Enrolment of notes.

  • Liquidation of economic enterprises
  • Consideration of pre-conditions existence for starting liquidation procedure,
  • Making appropriate acts on starting liquidation procedure, including initial liquidation balance,
  • Tracking the liquidation procedure,
  • Making appropriate acts for ending the liquidation procedure, including initial liquidation balance and report of liquidator about executed liquidation procedure,
  • Registration of deletion from the court registers.

  • Statements from SBRA /Serbian Business Register Agency/ Register for economic enterprises and entrepreneurs