Accounting services

Accounting services

  • Keeping business books: journal, general ledger and auxiliary books
  • Keeping analytical books: buyers, suppliers, fixed capital, commodity, production, material, finished products,
  • Making calculations of retail and wholesale prices, keeping books of entries for returns and services,
  • Keeping VAT records, VAT calculations, making VAT income tax return,
  • Analysis of business activities and financial indicators, aimed to provide information to a client, in order to make the best business decisions while paying the lowest tax dues, in accordance to current regulations ((using relieves provided by the law, subsidies for new employees, etc.),
  • Making annual balance sheet: balance sheet, profit and loss account, statistical annex, concerning mid-legal entities also cash account balance, tax balance and income tax return of profit tax, i.e. personal income tax.

To whom we provide services?

Above mentioned services we provide
to the clients of different legal forms:

  • Micro, small, medium and large enterprises
  • Entrepreneurs (shops), double entry bookkeeping clients
    and clients liable to flat taxation,
  • Other legal entities: association of Citizens, branches of companies, foreign representative offices, etc.

and various services:

  • Retail trade and wholesale trade
  • Production and providing services
  • Export – import
  • Commission shops
  • Bailiffs, Notaries, Law firms
  • Exchange offices